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Internships & Practicums

Unpaid internships are a requirement of many schools and programs. Our Stipend-Paid Internship/Practicum Program is designed to meet the requirements of your curriculum while also providing you with a weekly living allowance. Internships shouldn't be just for the wealthy - our stipend program makes internships accessible to you.

Each program includes documentation support, Guaranteed Placement, and ongoing monitoring throughout your internship. Placements are available in nearly every field in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. All placements are designed with the special needs of international students in mind.


Our Partners

All Kwasen programs are delivered by Experience Education - a company that specializes in practicum co-op, and internship placements. Since their founding in 2008, they have placed more than two thousand students in internships and practicums across Canada. In our Stipend-Paid Internship/Practicum Program, EE places students in stipend-paid internships or practicums for 12 weeks and up. Students are matched with host companies in dozens of different fields including Healthcare Administration, Hotels, Information Technology, and Business Administration. Students in this program receive stipends of $250 per week.

Stipend-Paid Internships

Longer term and full time internships can impose a financial burden that keeps many students from taking advantage of the opportunity. To help ease those burdens, we arrange stipends of $250 per week for students on internships of 12 weeks and longer.

Once you are accepted into the program, our partner agency will match you with a company where you can meet your internship requriements. After your placement begins, you'll receive stipend payments in your email every two weeks. Stipend spaces are very limited, so apply early.


Requirements & Pricing

Our Student Internship Program is open to students at Canadian career colleges, colleges, and universities - who are required to complete a practicum or internship during their course of studies. Students looking to do a stipend program must be available full-time for 12-16 weeks. Unfortunately, due to provincial labour codes, it is not possible to accept recent graduates, former or prospective students into the program.

All applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Current student at a college or university
  • Required to do a practicum/internship (not a co-op)
  • Advanced English-language ability
  • Available for a full-time practicum of 12-16 weeks
  • Available for a full-time practicum of 12-16 weeks

Most of your program fees are paid by the host company. However we charge a small student services fee of $600 to cover pre-placement preparation work, and ongoing monitoring during your placement. Half your fees are payable once you are accepted into the program, with the other half deducted in installments from your stipend.


Apply Now

We are now accepting applications for Summer 2019 and Fall 2019.

Thank-you for your interest in the Stipend-Paid Practicum Program. If you meet all program requirements and would like to join the program, please fill out the application form below. Once we receive your application, a Kwasen staff member will contact you for a screening call. After your screening call, you will be asked to submit proof of studies, showing that you are required to do a practicum. Once this is received, you will be registered in the program and we will start your placement process.

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